White Ember Writing

Hey! I'm Sam, and I'm a freelance journalist here to help save the world... hopefully.

If you are a publication, business, or organization who:

  • Is dedicated to bettering our planet and conserving its wildlife, ecosystems, and natural resources

  • Creates a product or service that’s designed to help consumers reduce their environmental footprint

  • Is joining the fight against animal cruelty, factory farming, and habitat loss

  • Uses their platform to include, protect, and amplify women, BIPOC, and the LGBTQ+ community

  • Gives a f*ck about the world we live in


Then I want to work with you.

I've dedicated my life and career to speaking about the deeply important issues facing society. Whether it's social justice, healthcare reform, sustainable energy, animal cruelty, equal rights, or ethical politics, these topics cannot, should not, and will not be ignored. These conversations must happen. Journalists have a responsibility to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

The resistance is alive and well and we will not be exhausted. 

My words have proudly been featured online and in print in publications such as World Footprints, Bitch Media, Cannabis & Tech Today, Village Magazine Ireland, Board Converting News, and more. 

I am passionate about the issues that matter the most. In this world justice is never swift nor guaranteed, so in journalism we need voices—loud voices—to amplify those that need to be heard.

I'm a freelance writer, blogger, & journalist specializing in:

Lifestyle & Travel

Wildlife & Nature

Sustainable Products​

Legal Cannabis & CBD

Vegan Food & Wellness

Activism & Social Justice

Feminism & Women's Rights

Environmental Conservation

American & International Culture

Sociological Issues & Problem Solving

Writing words to inspire education & change.

The time for tip-toeing around the issues is over. We are at a pivotal political and environmental crescendo. We’re watching human rights crises happen all across the world while also losing a foot-race against the irreversible destruction of our precious natural environment. Now more than ever people are paying attention to what’s happening in the world around them. People are starting to give a shitand giving a shit is a great thing.

People want to know the stories that matter. They want to know where their products are coming from and whether or not they are ethical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Today's climate means businesses are being held to higher standards; ones that refuse to dismiss sustainability, morality, diversity, and inclusivity.

The political climate in America is tenser than ever. There have been lines drawn in the sand about where you stand on issues such as civil rights, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrants, institutionalized and systemic racism, misogyny and the patriarchy, and economic equality. How we respond to these issues–as people, as businesses, as institutions–defines who we are.


So who do you want to be?

White Ember Writing was born from deep within the white-hot underbelly of the resistance. Passion, empathy, and hunger for change are the insatiable flames of which our purpose burns. Letting our anger and frustration intertwine with our hope and need for a better world, we have stoked our embers into a raging inferno with which we fight the injustices of this world. Whether it's conserving the environment, protecting wildlife, fighting for animal rights, standing up against racial inequality, protecting the rights of people to love whomever they choose, or destroying the patriarchy - we are a flame that refuses to go out. Let's burn together.

Let's change the f*cking world.

All photos and content owned by Sam White, est. 2018