• Sam White

CBD Joints: A Relaxing Alternative to THC

Since cannabis has been legalized in 11 states (12 if you count Washington D.C.) in the U.S., we have seen a huge boom in marijuana innovation. Marijuana dispensaries are becoming a common sight in many urban areas, and CBD dispensaries are popping up even in states where it isn’t yet fully legal but is decriminalized and cleared for medical use.

CBD has seen a huge spike in popularity since becoming a breakthrough medicine for those suffering from chronic pain, auto-immune diseases, and seizures. Now available in almost as many forms as marijuana, one of the newest and most popular ways to ingest CBD is via a rolled joint.

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CBD is most frequently used in oil form. It’s a concentrated oil that is sold in tinctures topped with droppers used to add the oil to water, tea, or straight under the tongue. Sublingual absorption has proven to be a fast and effective method of getting CBD throughout the body.

An alternative to oil, CBD flower looks (and smells) almost identical to the bud you would buy that contains THC. Sold in dispensaries in both loose nuggets and pre-rolled joints, it’s been a huge contender with oil for the fastest and most effective way to distribute CBD into the body.

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For those who enjoy the act of smoking but aren’t as big a fan of the high, CBD joints are perfect. They taste and smell almost exactly like THC infused bud and they give the same satisfying effect of smoking a joint. They can also help people to feel socially ‘included’, the same way an N/A beer makes non-drinkers feel included in social settings.

Perfect for those with acute anxiety, CBD flower delivers all the benefits of cannabis without some of the more prevalent side-effects of THC. CBD users report feeling extremely relaxed — notably with a body-high — and oftentimes sleepy. It is a fantastic way to help with chronic anxiety, pain, insomnia, and appetite. It’s also a great way for THC users to take a “tolerance break” without giving up the positive benefits that they require to live a normal life.

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Perfect for both long-time smokers and budding beginners, CBD flower is now found in smoke shops, specialty shops, and dispensaries across the U.S. If you’re new to buying flower and have some questions, just ask your local budtender— they’re there to help you navigate the CBD world and will point you in the direction of the strain that’s best for you.

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