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  • Sam White

Dear Republicans: Donald Trump is Directly Responsible for the Murder of 8 Asian Women in Atlanta.

(Photo by Kyle Sudu on Unsplash)

“Chinese Virus.” “China Virus.” “Kung Flu.”

These are just a few of the abhorrently racist nicknames disgraced former president Donald Trump has used to describe COVID-19. These are just some of the venomous words that helped hate crimes against Asians to rise an astonishing 150% in 2020.

While off the cuff Donald Trump comes off like he has the IQ of a prairie dog that’s been hit by a car, the way he weaponizes racist phrases is as cold and calculated as it gets. Despite his overwhelming cranial shortcomings, when it comes to antagonizing the masses, he knows what he’s doing. He also knows that the only subset of the American population that are more unintelligent than him are his sickeningly loyal supporters.

Ah, yes. Trump supporters. The subhuman species that fill the ugly, racist underbelly of this country, who slither and slide in the darkest corners of our society until someone like Trump comes along to give them the confidence and ammunition to show their disfigured and hateful faces in the light.

Yeah, those people.

The people who are responsible for horrific and tragic attacks such as shooting innocent Black Lives Matter protesters, murdering a Black man for jogging in the street, and violently storming the capitol of the United States over false claims of a stolen election. And these are just a few highlights; Donald Trump has a long history of inciting racially-fueled violence among his despicable, thick-skulled supporters.

“But Donald Trump didn’t invent racists!”

Sure, while it’s true that people who are hateful and racist exist anyway, many of them are cowards by nature. They wouldn’t have the balls to act on their sick and violent fantasies if they didn’t have someone to exacerbate their delusion. Donald Trump has become a diadem of hate and vicious intolerance that has sparked into action a population full of pathetic white supremacists who think that fighting in some kind of “race war” will win them a seat at the table with their false God.

We’ve seen violence against Black Americans from a corrupt and racist police force backed by Donald Trump, we’ve seen violence against Mexicans because of Trump’s hateful rhetoric about “illegals” who are “rapists and thugs,” we’ve seen violence against Muslims after his crude ‘Muslim Ban’, and now we’re seeing the deadly consequences of his repugnant and racist remarks against Asians and the origin of the coronavirus.

(Photo by Jens Johnsson on Unsplash)

8 families are grieving the loss of a loved one because another white supremacist terrorist felt emboldened enough to carry out his horrific and disturbing fantasies by targeting a vulnerable demographic that has received no protection from the government since the coronavirus pandemic amplified racial tensions towards Asian Americans.

The Asian community all over the world is mourning the loss of those who have died as a result of these dangerous stereotypes that have been perpetuated by a hateful and irresponsible “president” who gets his jollies off by playing Russian roulette with the lives of innocent Americans.

Every person killed in the name of Donald Trump’s stupidity and vitriol douses his hands in even more blood. He is directly responsible not only for the 500,000+ lives lost to Covid, but to every minority and person of color who has suffered at the hands of a white supremacist terrorist Trump fanatic who idolizes him past the bounds of rational sanity.

Donald Trump may be out of office, but the damage of his dangerous and divisive reign will linger within our society for a very long time. Trump didn’t create racists, but he renewed their boldness and false sense of righteousness, conjuring them awake from their moldy dens of delusion and unearned sense of supremacy, leaving a putrid stain on society that we will be forced to clean for generations to come.


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